A trayload of winners, fresh from Sal's cellar!Getting into the habit.The ticking pen mustn't be forgotten!Molly - a legend.  RIP.Holding the scoop for consumption.Fang, the world's beigest dog.  RIP.The "Vital Spark", Para handy's famous puffer.My looooords!! Get into that seminar!Gary Mess and his trolley!Correct use of a funnel to bottle up.


Last Updated : 28/05/07


he aim of every scooper is to reach 10,000 ticks.  When you first start, it seems like it's impossible.  As you storm through the middle thousands, it becomes more of a beacon, beckoning you onwards.  When you reach the late thousands, it calls to you like a siren, and when you finally get there ..... was that it?  Seriously, it's a tremendous achievement to reach this figure, and full credit to the growing number who have now done it.  Drinking 10,000 different beers takes time, dedication (or should that be desperation?) and a lot of ching.  It's worth it; no money can buy this kind of prestige!

Listed here are the people who have completed this marathon in hopefully the order that they finished.  If you think different, let us know.

Remember, it's no use just saying "I must have had 10,000" - no date and gen, no appearance on the scoreboard!


Rank Phot When achieved & gen Who
1 1998 Mick the Tick, everyone's favourite scooper.
2 1999 Brian Moore, the "Sheffield Whippet"
3 1999 Steve Fulcher
4 Nov 1999, Hoskins Millennium at Cask and Cutler Sue Fulcher
5 Late 1999 Mad McJonesey
6 April 2000 Suggy
7 May 2000, Boat Rattler at Smithfield, Manc. Gazza
8 2000 Gary Mess
9 2001 Tony Sawford
10 May 2001, at Frodsham BF, Phoenix Jowyed. "Beige" Phil Booton
  2001 Andy Morton
  2001 Ollie
  2001 Simon Fyffe
  October 2001, Cropton Fennel in New Brit, Preston Rick Pickup
  Feb 2002, Cains Molyneux's Medicine Molly (RIP)
  Church End Jumbles 12th, Crown Oakengates 03/05/02 Brian Francis, aka Uncle Knobby
  September 2002 Dave Wild
  2002 Planey Wayney
  2003 Merv
  2003 Rob Bolt
  Early 2003 Roly
  9th Feb 2003 Andy Buchan, the first (and only) Diabetic to 10,000 beers.  (RIP)
  2003 Stan (PINTS ONLY !!!)
  27/03/2003 - Goose Eye Guzzling Goose in Pot of Beer, Manchester Brian Waine
  April 2003 Andy Lee
  May 2003 Julie Lee
  July 03 - Walsh's Old Gridlap Crimewatch
  November 2003 - Wizard Billy Whizz Billy Whizz
  20th December 2003, Greenfield Celebration at the Smithfield, Manchester. "Blind" Peter
  Cambridge Winter Ales 2004 Brian Dickinson (Croydon)
  February 2004 Liverpool Steve
  March 2004 Big Nigel
  04/09/04 Location: Fernandes, Wakefield
Beer: Fernandes TB1 5.2%
Verification: Mr B Moore and Mr A Morton
  October 2004; Halifax Steam Luftkissenfahrzeug at New Brit, Preston. Tony Wilson
  13/11/04, Haltwhistle Pride in Black Bull, Haltwhistle Richard Nash
  17/10/05  Ramsbury Kev Dick's 10,000th Leedsboy
  27/05/06 at Newark Pete West
  01/04/07 Herbal Herbal's 10K at the KIT, Sheffield
  May 2007 Per Samuelsson of Stockholm, Sweden, the first non-UK resident to 10,000 beers !!!


To be continued .........................

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