Andy Morton and Beige Phil at St Albans BF Sep 96

It's my 10,000th - and I'm not in Beige !

Beige Phil (?), Gazza, Hutch, Jason, Steve Fulcher with the Steam Packet's station transport! Aug 94
Beige Phil's 10000th at Frodsham BF May 2001 OBP 24-Uur festival Beurs Antwerp Beige Phil 03/11/02
Essen winterfest, Belgium. Sue and Beige 14/12/02 Amsterdam bockfest Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam Beige Phil and Sue 02/11/02
Blue Phil Crescent 240703 Beige Phil Bhurtpore

Phot: Andy Buchan

Blue Phil and Chief Worcester BF 150803 Barry and Beige Reading 020503
Beige Phil KIT 201203 Beige Phil Hillsboro 201203

Beige Phil Cask 201203

Beige Phil Worcester 130804

Beige Phil NWAF Manchester 200106

Blue Phil Notts 05

Phot : Craig & Louise Whitwell

Purple Phil Brown Bear 120501

Purple Phil !

Brown Phil Notts BF 211006

Brown Phil !

Hutch and Beige Phil Notts BF 211006

Beige Phil and Vicar Robert Manc WA 190107

Beige Phil Leicester BF 170307

Hutch and Beige Essen 07 by Nicky W

Phot : Nicky Wightman

Beige Phil and Beige Rob Reading BF 020508

Beige Phil and Malcolm Oakwood Rotherham 210209









Name(s) Beige Phil
Real Name Phil Booton
From Manchester
Scoops total 10,000 01/2001 Current Status Ticking again
Started Early 90's Gave up because Became a "social drinker" for a bit
Likes Beige, Belgian Beers
Other Gen So called as he always wears Beige.  Knows lots of gen on European countries' beer and brewpubs.