Billy Whizz. Billy Whizz Tamworth 050903
Rick Pickup Billy Whizz and Dave Brown Nottingham 171003 Bwzzz 10000 Cardiff

Phot: AFG

Bwzzz 10000. Cardiff 2.JPG (26168 bytes)

Phot: Uncle Knobby

Billy Whizz and Blind Peter Hillsborough Sheffield 161206
Billy Whizz in the Cask and Wellie Billy Whizz in the New Barrack


Name(s) Billy Whizz
Real Name Bill Sanderson
From Warrington
Scoops total 15,000 @ 09/08 Current Status Scooping
Started 26/06/1991 Gave up because Not yet
Likes Classical Music, Church, Naval History
Dislikes Routine tasks and creatures of habit
Other Gen Chemical industry consultant (when asked).  15K was Old Bear Spectacled Bear 4.3% in Black Horse, Darwen.