Name(s) Blind Peter
Real Name Peter O'Connor
From Liverpool (now living in Burscough,nr Ormskirk, West Lancs.)
Scoops total 10,000+ Current Status Ticking
Started 1-1-84 "amateur status"(not actively searching) and
turned "Professional in 1990 at 500 ticks (actively seeking) 
Gave up because Not yet - still breathing!
Quotes "No Problem" - "I'll Need To Do Some Speed Drinking here"
"Someone Always Wakes Me Up at Ormskirk" 
"Who Put That River There"
Likes Roosters,more Roosters, Indian Food, "German Shepherd Dogs" (not in curries), Back Street Boozers.
Dislikes "Plastick Pubs" once a year "Festive Drinkers"(you cant get near the bar for them)
Other Gen Fell into the river one year after Peterborough BF!  Snores for England, Accident Prone owing to failing Eyesight, occasionally "Riots in the company of Dicko".