Bob & Joan Nov 96

A garden gnome ?

Jimmy Hill & Bob at Fat Cat, Sheffield Dec 97
Bob dossed at St Albans BF Oct 97 Bob at the Fat Cat xmas pissup Dec 97
Bob Harris and Brian from Croydon at St Albans BF Sep 96 Bob in the Cask 22/11/02
Bob and Andy Buchan Reading 020503 Joan and Bob Sheffield 201203
Me and Croydon gang Nottingham 171003 Croydon Brian and Bob Tamworth BF 090905
Bob Fat Cat Sheffield Bob and Joan Worcester BF 190806
Bob and Hereford Steve Worcester BF 190806 Jim and Bob Cask Sheffield 161206    














Name(s) Bob
Real Name Bob Harris
From Croydon
Scoops total ? Current Status Less desperate
Started ? Gave up because Not yet
Other Gen