Bob Harris and Brian from Croydon at St Albans BF Sep 96

Well I am in Yorkshire ....

Brian, Rob and Sue at Wakefield Oct 96
Brian at the Fat Cat, Sheffield June 99 Rob Bolt and Brian in the Hillsborough 21/12/02
Rob, Some Bert and Brian at White Horse, Parson's Green hopfest March 99 Simon and Brian in the Cask 22/11/02
Croydon Brian Tamworth 050903 Me and Croydon gang Nottingham 171003
Hillsboro Seminar - Simon Fyffe, Sean mcGowan, Brian and Leader.  201203 Croydon Brian and Tim Shore by Smithfield 290105
Nottingham Brian Sue & Gazza Croydon Brian and Bob Tamworth BF 090905
Brian from Croydon and Martin Tamworth 080906 Brian PJ Alan Burnett and MTMM Hillsborough Sheffield 161206 Bin Laden Jugboy and Croydon Brian Notts 2006

Phot : Martin Stamp















Name(s) Croydon Brian
Real Name Brian Dickinson
From Croydon
Scoops total ? Current Status Scooping
Started Early 90's Gave up because Still going
Other Gen