Brian Francis at Cardiff BF Oct 96

Mmmmmm, Tits !

Brian Francis chained to railings outside Cardiff BF Oct 96
Brian Francis at Cardiff BF with the short lived Brecknock beers. Oct 98 (top row) Unknown, Skeletor, Dai, Sue, Badger, Brian Francis. (Middle row) Beavis, Fletch, Bratley, Steve, Simon Fyffe and ?  (Bottom row) Ding Ding and Jason.
Tony & Brian Cardiff BF Oct 98 Chris Battye, Mary, Little Chris and Brian Francis at the Barge, Sittingbourne Dec 96
Brian and  Dai at the Crown, Oakengates Sep 97 Brian Francis in the Cask Nov 97
Dai and Brian Francis - a Welsh Seminar at the LS&B party, Newton Abbot Dec 96 Uncle Knobby at Nottingham BF 18/10/02
Uncle Knobby on train after Nottingham 18/10/02 Uncle Knobby with trolley at Tamworth BF 06/09/02
Knobby Bhurtpore BF 120703 fudgewick 2000 Glastonwick 1999

Phot: Alex Hall

Brian Francis Smithfield 240704
Knobby Francis Worcester BF 120805 Knobby with Butcombe stout Tamworth BF 090905
Knobby Tamworth BF 090905 Knobby dossed with label Tamworth BF 090905 Uncle Knobby Francis Nottingham BF 221005
Knobby at Nottingham 2005

Phot : Herbal

Knobby at Nottingham 2005

Phot : Herbal

Uncle Knobby Fat Cat Knobby and Herbal Fat Cat
Knobby and June Fat Cat 171205  - what an old pervert! Knobby Smithfield Manchester 200106 Tony Wardrobe and Uncle Knobby Cardiff BF 281000 Knobby dossed Tamworth 080906.
Herbal Knobby and Gazza Fat Cat 181106 Uncle Knobby Smithfield Manchester 190107 Uncle Knobby and a pes Reading BF 020508 Herbal with 2 knobbys Worcester BF 150808


Name(s) Uncle Knobby, Leatherhead
Real Name Brian Francis
From Cardiff
Scoops total 10,000 + Current Status Scooping
Started Late 80's Gave up because Not yet
Quotes "Tits", "There we are then"
Likes Tits
Dislikes No tits!
Other Gen Was beer orderer for Cardiff BF.  Is a dodgy old pervert -  allegedly!