The good old days at the Fat Cat, Sheffield .... Brian Moore at the xmas pissup decanting beer from a cellar Run  Dec 97

And another winner ....

The Cartel June 98 - Leader, Brian Moore and Gary Mess.
Brian Moore in the Far Cat Sheffield cellar during the xmas pissup Dec 96 Brian in his famous Suit and Gazza in the Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield Nov 99
Russ, Nice Hair, Aston, Liam Lomax. Skeletor, Sue, Gazza, Ding Ding, Big Feller, Brian Moore at Hebble Brook June 96 PCW & Brian Cartel at Peterborough BF Aug 98
Brian Moore behind the bar at the Cask & Cutler Aug 98 Tiny Steffi & Brian at the Fat Cat, Sheffield Dec 98
Brian on a train after a festival! November 96 Brian in the Fat Cat, Sheffield Sept 96
Brian at the Brown Bear, Biggleswade May 98 Brian behind the bar at the Cask, August 98
Brian with his Jug during the cellar run at the Fat Cat xmas pissup, Dec 96 Brian with a table of beers at the hopfest, White Horse at Parson's Green. May 98 Brian and Jimmy Hill at  Woking after a bizarre beer related accident. Nov 97 Brian at Woking BF Nov 97
PCW, Leader, Brian Moore and Gary Mess in the Beer House, Manchester May 98 Gazza Finished during the Fat Cat cellar runs during the xmas pissup.  Dec 97 Leader and Brian at Woking BF Nov 97 Brian Moore Fat Cat Kitchen

Phot: Alex Hall

Brian Worcester BF 150803 Leader & Brian Moore Tamworth 050903 Brian Moore & Rick Pickup Tamworth 050903 Gary Mess & Brian M Tamworth 050903
Planey Brian Moore his trolley and Sue Notts BF 161003 My 14000th me and Brian Moore Nottingham 171003 Alex+Brian Glastonwake 03.

Phot: Saxon Scooper

Brian Moore Worcester 130804
Brian Moore Anchor Brum with Cuvee Rene 250605 Hutch dossing out on Brian Moore Anchor Brum 250605 Brian Moore and his rucksack on wheels near Anchor Brum 250605
Brian Moore bottling Tamworth BF 080905 What a nice pair... Dicko and Brian Moore Tamworth BF 080905 Brian Moore Birmingham BF 150905 Brian Moore bottling Birmingham BF 150905
Brian Moore and Merv Fat Cat Herbal Brian Moore Sue Cask Sheffield 171205 Brian Moore NWAF Brian Moore NWAF Brian and Leader NWAF Manchester 200106
Mr Moore Tamworth 070906 Beige Brian Keighley 06 Brian Moore Notts BF 211006 Brian Moore with proper beer Cask Sheffield 161206.
Brian Moores bag Harlequin Sheffield 200209      


Name(s) Brian Cartel, Brian the Whippet, the BNP candidate for Sheffield Stannington
Real Name Brian Moore
From Sheffield
Scoops total 28,100 @ 06/05 Current Status Mega Desperate
Started 1970's Gave up because Brian? never !
Quotes "Now then", "No I don't want to see your bloody phots of beancans", "I'm not desperate"
Likes Ticks, more ticks and even more ticks! and kettles.
Dislikes Diesels, boycotting beers
Other Gen Now had the most beers in the UK.  Ever.