Charlie at the Hillsborough 26/04/03

Now then !

Charlie Tamworth 060903
Charlie and Desperate Dave Hillsborough 260403 Sean and Charlie Hillsboro 201203
Gazzas 10k 200500 Dicko Barry Charlie Fat Cat.jpg (22419 bytes)

Phot : Roly

(clockwise) Dave Knighton, Desperate Dave, Dave Charlesworth, Dave Simister, Dave Bottomley, Dave Wild and Dave Brown.

Phot : Rick Pickup

Charlie Beer House Manchester 200106
Eight Daves at the Black Horse Darwen 270106

Phot : Rick Pickup

Charlie Crown and Kettle Manc 190107


Name(s) Charlie
Real Name David Charlesworth
From Birkby, Huddersfield
Scoops total 11,750 @ 03/08 Current Status Scooping
Started ? Gave up because Not yet
Other Gen Scooped curry years ago - in the 1960's !!!