Molly, Dicko, Brian from Warrington and Chief at Nottingham BF Sep 97

Off on Safari to Worcester ....

Chief Worcester BF 150803
Blue Phil and Chief Worcester BF 150803 Chief Tamworth 050903

Phot : Roly

Chief gurning in the Crescent

Phot : Roly

Chief bellowing

Phot : Roly

Gren and Chief Smithfield 240704
Chief Tamworth 090904 Dicko and Chief Tamworth BF 080905
Dicko Chief Blind Peter Tamworth BF close 080905 Dicko Chief Blind Peter Tamworth BF 080905
Chief in the Smithfield Manchester 200106 Chiefs scooping book Smithfield Manchester 200106 Chief with winners at Ship and Mitre

Phot : Mark Enderby











Name(s) Chief
Real Name Keith Birchall
From Warrington
Scoops total 20,000+ @ 03/08 Current Status Still going
Started ? Gave up because Not yet
Likes Rioting with Dicko
Dislikes Having his phot taken!
Other Gen Has hellfire flip-up glasses.  Used to be a drayman for Walkers in Warrington.