Craig and Louise White Hillsborough 260403. Craig and Louise

Phot: Alex Hall

Craig Whitwell near Moulin pitlochry 190206

Phot : Louise Whitwell

Louise Whitwell in the Old Mill Pitlochry 190206

Phot : Craig Whitwell

Louise Whitwell, Brian Wightman, Simon Mawson and Nicky Wightman at Durham BF seminar Rick pickup Gary one eyebrow Paul McNeil Beryl craig Whitwell at bitter suite


Name(s) Craig and Louise
Real Name Craig and Louise Whitwell
From Kingussie
Scoops total 5,876 @ 03/08 Current Status Ticking - slowly
Started 1993 Gave up because Not yet
Quotes My Lords, Bloody Tourists!
Likes Craig: Peaks, Louise: Cats
Dislikes Tourists!
Other Gen