The Hughes Twins ! Gazza and Dave Hughes at the Beer House, Manchester Aug 96

No I'm not a scooper... oh yes I am !

Eight Daves at the Black Horse Darwen 270106

Phot : Rick Pickup

DaveHughes Aug 97 Dave Hughes Ticking at the Crown, Oakengates Sep 98
Dave Hughes in the Hillsborough 21/12/02


Name(s) Hughsey, Billy Bullshit
Real Name Dave Hughes
From Bagilt, Flintshire
Scoops total over 20,000 Current Status Scooping
Started 1996, but started writing them down in 1969 ! Gave up because Never!
Likes His ticking pen, Bartrams Bees
Dislikes Camra, being told he's a ticker
Other Gen Denied being a ticker when in Camra, now admits it.