Dave from Retford at Wombwell BF Sep 96

Look what I found in the cider !

Dave at Ding Ding's house after the LS&B xmas pissup Dec 96
Gazza, Dai and Dave from Retford at the Fat Cat xmas pissup Dec 96 Dave's Hat at the Fat Cat xmas pissup Dec 96
Nice Hair, Steve, Dave, Russ and Gazza.  Rare Breeds Seminar - Russ drinks some sludge! June 96 Dave and Russ in the Cask 260403.
Retford Dave, Gazza, Para, Nice Hair, Steve and Ding Ding at Rare Breeds BF June 96 Fletch and Dave at Nottingham BF, Oct 96
Dave from Retford, Nice Hair and Aston - a Seminar of Yorkshire Scoopers ! Wombwell BF, Sep 96 Beer Spotting! Retford Dave, Nice Hair and Para at Rare Breeds BF June 96


Name(s) Retford Dave
Real Name Dave
From Retford
Scoops total ? Current Status Given up
Started ? Gave up scooping "Pissed off with dodgy beers"
Likes Sheffield United
Dislikes Sheffield Wednesday
Other Gen Ex 40 basher.