Dave Wild from Stockport Hillsborough 260403.JPG (26010 bytes) Dave Wild Bhurtpore BF 120703
Trainspotting at Darwen

Phot: Nicky Wightman

Dave Wild

Phot : Roly

(clockwise) Dave Knighton, Desperate Dave, Charlie, Dave Simister, Dave Bottomley, Dave Wild and Dave Brown.

Phot : Rick Pickup

Dave Wild's 15000th Black Horse Darwin 270106

Phot : Rick Pickup

Eight Daves at the Black Horse Darwen 270106

Phot : Rick Pickup

Campo Dave Wild and Laden New Brittania 05
Dave Wild Smithfield Manchester 190107


Name(s) Dave Wild
Real Name Dave Wild
From Stockport ?
Scoops total 18,000 @ 03/08 Current Status Ticking
Started ? Gave up because Not yet
Other Gen No CAMRA fests or Bottling included!