Tony Sawford, Steve Fulcher, Roly, Dicko and Jonesey outside the Crystal Palace Tavern, New Cross March 97.

A loud ranting Scouser? Surely not .....

Gazza & Dicko at the Station, Ashton posing for Viz's "up the arse corner" May 97
Molly, Dicko, Brian from Warrington and Chief at Nottingham BF Sep 97 Dicko, Molly, and Mike from Warrington at Sheffield BF Sep 98
Molly & Dicko Aug 95 Dicko ranting as usual in the Lower Red, St Albans Oct 97
Dicko Crescent 240703. Dicko & PCW Tamworth 060903 - aaaaah, bless !
Dicko & Blind Peter in Park Tamworth before fest opened 060903 Dicko and Molly 110998 Sheffield BF

Phot : Roly

Dicko Barry Charlie Fat Cat.jpg (22419 bytes)

Phot : Roly

Dicko Smithfield 240704 Dicko Tamworth 090904 What a nice pair... Dicko and Brian Moore Tamworth BF 080905 Dicko and Chief Tamworth BF 080905 
Dicko and picture Tamworth BF 080905  Dicko Chief Blind Peter Tamworth BF close 080905  Dicko Chief Blind Peter Tamworth BF 080905 Dicko Tamworth BF 090905
  Dicko Crown Oakengates with top poster 021099   Dicko Brum BF 140906 Dicko Hillsborough Sheffield 161206  Dicko Hillsborough 2 Sheffield 161206 

Dicko !

Dicko Crown and Kettle Manc 190107








Name(s) Dicko
Real Name Alan Dixon
From Liverpool
Scoops total Over 10K Current Status On and Off
Started  Early 1990's Gave up because Health grounds
Quotes "Alright, bollocks"
Likes Rioting, winding up other scoopers
Dislikes Boring people
Other Gen A mega-riotous fat scouser (when he's not on a diet).  Norwich Union think he's dead!