Frostie and Gazza gut-barging at St Albans BF Sep 96 Frostie at Colchester BF

Bosh ! No respect !

Frosty and Rick Aug 96
Frostie at Nottingham BF Oct 97 Frostie with codpiece at Ipswich BF, Sep 96
Frostie's xoooth at St Albans  Sep 96 Frostie at Colchester BF with matching shirt! May 98
Frosty Parsons Green


Name(s) Frostie, T.B.M
Real Name Stephen Frost (?)
From Ipswich
Scoops total 8000 ? Current Status Semi retired
Started early 90's Gave up because Too easy!
Quotes "Bosh! no respect", "My Lords", "Shave it!"
Likes Playing cricket for Suffolk CAMRA
Dislikes Normals
Other Gen Very riotous!