The Cartel June 98 - Leader, Brian Moore and Gary Mess.

Me? Desperate?

Badger and Gary Mess in the Fat Cat, Sheffield xmas pissup december 97
Gary Mess and Leader before St Albans BF, complete with Cartel Trollies. Oct 98 Gary bottling up at the Crown Oakengates Sept 98
PCW, Leader, Brian Moore and Gary Mess in the Beer House, Manchester May 98 Gary Mess bottling on the 40 tour 30/11/02
Gary after a haircut at the Fat Car.  Jan 98 Gary Mess pissed up in the Hillsborough 21/12/02
BDS Gary Mess & Leader Tamworth BF 06/09/02 Gary Mess in Fat Cat outside bar with money glove, Sheffield 17/08/02
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Phot: Alex Hall

Gary & Trout waterfall

Phot: Andy Buchan

Gary Mess & Brian M Tamworth 050903

Gary Mess Tamworth 050903

Gary Mess ranting at stick Melton Mowbray 200903

Gary bottling sludge Nottingham 171003.JPG (26373 bytes)

Trout dossed on Gary Nottingham 171003


Gary Mess' mess Tamworth BF 080905

Gary Mess Tamworth BF 080905

Gary mess with beans Tamworth BF 090905

Gary Mess Wellington Birmingham 150905

Gary Mess sacktruck Wellington Birmingham 150905

Gary Mess Fat Cat garden

Gary mess Tamworth 070906









Name(s) Gary Mess, Trolleytubby
Real Name Gary
From Birmingham
Scoops total 23,000 09/06 Current Status Semi-retired
Started Seriously 1994 Gave up because Caught a trout
Quotes "You can get a good seal on a bottle if you pretend it's Thatcher's neck", "You should never wash your anorak", "Ticks are all that matters", "How many are you on?"
Likes Ticks, green polo shirts
Dislikes Flagging beers
Other Gen Was the most desperate ticker in the UK until recently although he's still DES!