Hair in usual surroundings Sep 95 HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIR!


Haaaaaaaaaaare Worcester BF 140803
Hare in Queen's Head, Minehead 061203 Hare in Kidderminster SVR pub 190604
Steve and Hare Worcester 120804 Hare with curry Worcester BF 110805
Hare Cave Worcester BF 120805 Hare in Dragon Worcester 110206
Beige Haaaaaare Worcester BF 190806 Haaaaares Glass Worcester BF 190806


Name(s) Hare, Hartley Hare
Real Name Andrew Crampton
From Callow End (near Worcester)
Scoops total ? Current Status Part-time
Started ? Gave up because not yet
Likes Railtours, Three Kings Hanley Castle, Sulzer
Other Gen