Herbal on the 40 tour 30/11/02 Dave U Reading 020503
Dave U and Andy railtour

Phot: Andy Buchan

Ship and Castle Aber seminar 2003 - Stevo, Stackhead, Steve Fulcher, ? and Herbal

Phot: Alex Hall

Herbal at Worcester BF 160803 Herbal working Worcester BF 160803

Phot: Nicky Wightman

Herbal Tamworth 050903
Herbal and Beavis Waterhuis 1103 Herbal Naan Nawaab Manc 051103
Worcester with Headmixer, Gazza, Saxon and Herbal Aug 03

Phot: Saxon Scooper

Klaster brewery seminar Praha 040104

Golfbräu plant seminar 120504

Herbal in Golfbräu with litre of Dunkel 120504

Herbal and Ronnie Barker in Bag o Nails Bristol 100604

Herbal no-hair Worcester BF 120805

Gazza and Herbal with Tomislav Tamworth BF 080905

Herbal avoiding camera Tamworth BF 080905

Herbal with Tomislav Tamworth BF 080905

Herbal the youth Tamworth BF 080905

Ieuan and Herbal Father and Son in Bangla Spice Tamworth 090905

Herbal and Steffi, Fat Cat (not Steffi!)

Knobby and Herbal Fat Cat

Herbal Brian Moore Sue Cask Sheffield 171205

Herbal and Magus in Cask Sheffield 130506

Herbal with tasting trays Buller brewpub BsAs 280506

Herbal bellowing Sean in Hillsborough Sheffield 120706

Herbals beige coffin Tamworth 070906

Herbal working Tamworth 080906

Beige bus outside Cask Sheffield 011006.

Herbal Knobby and Gazza Fat Cat 181106

Herbal and Magus Cask Sheffield 161206

Slobby Ray Fudge and Herbal on train 161106

Phot : Herbal

Herbal and Alex 291006

Phot : Herbal

Herbal and Alex 291006

Phot : Herbal

Herbal's 10K at the KIT, Sheffield
Herbal mugshot for bellowing - suspected terrorist ! Kelham Island brewery tour Sheffield 110807 Cask seminar Sheffield 110807 Oakwood seminar 160208
Mass seminar at Oakwood ! Herbal tapping at Caskfest Chelsea brewpub NYC Herbal and Alex Caskfest Chelsea brewpub NYC Herbal tapping at Caskfest Chelsea brewpub NYC
Herbals 1K FM Caskfest Chelsea brewpub NYC

Herbal's 1,000th foreign beer - beast!

Herbal with pints of water Harlequin Sheffield 260708 Herbal and Nice Hair with Herbals 12K in KIT Sheffield 200808 Herbal in Beer House Kishinyev
Herbal in Harley with tray of scoops 110908 Beige PCW Harley Sheffield 110908 Herbal with 2 knobbys Worcester BF 150808 Herbal in New Oxford Salford 240109
Gazza and Herbal Crescent Jan09

Phot : Tara Mallinson

Herbal the tenant Rotherham 210209 Herbal with a pint of Hops!

Phot : Tara Mallinson



Name(s) Dave Unpronounceable, Mini Herbal, Youth
Real Name Dave Szwejkowski
From Sheffield
Scoops total 12,500 @ 03/08 Current Status Yoooooouth !!!!
Started Not long ago Gave up because Not yet
Quotes "I had a 40 when I was 3 and remembered it!", "I'll thuck your blood!", "Who threw that pineapple?"
Likes Purple Ronnies and European GM
Dislikes Being told he's missed everything decent due to excessive youthfulness.
Other Gen Has an unexplained fascination with Vlad the Impaler and Bats.  Was attacked by a Raven!