Arthur, Rob Bolt & Jimmy Hill at the Boat, Sittingbourne Dec 96.

An elf from Hastings !

Fletch & Mr Hill the witch at Cardiff BF Oct 98
Jimmy Hill & Leader at Cardiff BF Oct 97 Jimmy Hill and Little Chris in the Fat Cat, Dec 97
Jimmy Hill & Bob at Fat Cat, Sheffield Dec 97 Fletch, Beavis and Jimmy Hill at Sheffield BF, Sept 96
Jimmy Hill in the Ship & Mitre, Liverpool Feb 97.  He later fell into the fireplace! Brian and Jimmy Hill at  Woking after a bizarre beer related accident. Nov 97
Jimmy Hill at Ashford BF July 96 Mr Hill at the Fat Cat xmas pissup, dec 97
Dai & Mr Hill at Cardiff BF Oct 98 Jimmy Hill at Cardiff with a superb hat borrowed from a friendly witch oct 98
Mr Hill finding alternate uses for a funnel at Wakefield BF, oct 97 Mr Hill at Woking BF Nov 97 Mr Hill at St Albans BF Oct 97 Jimmy Hill Barge SB 071296
JH bottling
Jimmy Hill with beer Reading 280406 Gazza and Jimmy Hill Reading 280406  


Name(s) Jimmy Hill
Real Name Colin Jenner
From Hastings
Scoops total 10,000+ Current Status Given Up
Started 1990? Gave up because Sick of travelling
Likes Reading beerfest!!!
Other Gen Looks just like Jimmy Hill.  Mega-sociable.