Magus on Gary Mess's trolley in the Cask and Cutler, Sep 97

How's my eyeliner looking ?

Gazza and Magus in the Cask.  Aug 98
Magus's furry belly, March 98 Magus dossed on a chair Mar 98
It's such hard work being a cat.... 21/12/02 Sue and Magus in the Cask 21/12/02
Holly & Magus C&C 110903 Magus C&C 110903 Magus
Magus ! Herbal and Magus in Cask Sheffield 130506 Magus Sheffield 011006
Magus in box as kitten 1994 phot from cask 181106 Herbal and Magus Cask Sheffield 161206 Magus scooping Cask Sheffield 161206
Chris Chaplin and Magus

Phot : Shaz Williamson



Name Magus
Colour White and Tabby with eyeliner !
Lives at Cask and Cutler, Sheffield - now in France !
Likes Sue's furry purse, tramspotting, pissing on Skodas
Dislikes Lots of normals milling around
Other Gen Top beer, top cat!