Nick Little at the Turf Tavern Oxford 050403. Nick in the Marble

Mooooove Back!  Step outside yourself !

Nick Little Marble 060803
Nick Little Nawaab with beige rice! 060803 Glastonwake big seminar Nick Little, George, ?, Einstein, Saxon, Headmixer, Jugboy, John the Jag, Goff, ? and ? 05-03

Phot: Saxon Scooper

Nick Little Worcester BF 190806 Nick Little and Richard Nash Hillsborough Sheffield 161206
Nick Little Croydon Brian Bedford Brian Cask Sheffield 161206


Name(s) Solent Scooper
Real Name Nick Little
From Southampton
Scoops total 8,000 @ 11/07 Current Status Scooping
Started 1993 Gave up because Don't think so
Quotes "It was another dodgy curry", "Sandwiches anyone?" (at Thomas Sykes)
Likes Indian, Chinese and Thai food - with scoops aplenty!
Dislikes Hurling the above after one scoop too many, trains home from festivals being a shambles.
Other Gen Cousin of Carl McCoy of Fields of the Nephilim!!!!!!!!!!  Is moderator of the "Scoopgen" family of e-groups.