Maltings Seminar Feb 96, with Brian from Warrington, Olly, Nice Hair, Aston, Rick from Norwich, Gazza, Wavey and Planey.

I'm a punk scooper !

Olly and Brownie at the Crown, Oakengates Sep 97
Steve Fulcher and Ollie at the Maltings, York Nov 97 Brian from Warrington and Ollie in Mash and Air, Manchester Feb 97
Ollie at the Cask, Sheffield BF Nov 97 Olly 3 Hillsborough 260403.
Ollie KIT 201203 Ollie Hillsboro 201203
Gordon, Olly & George - Darwen Ollie Tamworth BF 090905
Olly Manchester 200106 Olly at Nottingham 2005

Phot : Craig & Louise Whitwell

Olly in New Brit Preston 280606 Ollie bottling Tamworth 070906 Browny and Ollie Fleetwood Beer Fest 08

Phot : Otto















Name(s) Ollie
Real Name  
From Preston
Scoops total 20,000+ @ 03/08 Current Status Scooping passively
Started 1980's? Gave up because Hasn't
Quotes "That's f**king magnificent, that is"
Likes Punk bands
Dislikes His beige coat
Other Gen Gave up for 2 weeks in late 2003!