Nicky's Dad, Wendy Latimer, Guest Ales, Simon Mawson and Nicky at Keswick BF Guest Ales guestales

Phot: Bobby Nattrass

Paul Rotherham 230803 Nicky Bobby Andy S Colonel and Paul R Car seminar York
Paul Rotherham Ship and Mitre PAUL ROTHERHAM after the New Brit
Limeade in Crescent.jpg (23454 bytes)

Phot: Nicky Wightman

Simon Mawson & Paul Rotherham at Black Horse Darwin

Phot : Nicky Wightman

Paul R Simon M bottles on tour

Phot: Nicky Wightman


Name(s) Guest Ales 
Real Name Paul Rotherham
From Carlisle 
Scoops total 1500 @ 29/12/03 Current Status Scooping 
Started ? Gave up because Hasn't
Quotes "ho ho ho guest ales" 
Likes Sleeping in Glasgow Central waiting room 
Dislikes waking up 
Other Gen