Maltings Seminar Feb 96, with Brian from Warrington, Olly, Nice Hair, Aston, Rick from Norwich, Gazza, Wavey and Planey.

Who, me? Sad ?  Listen, I was locked up with the Albanian Mr. Big...

Planey at the Crown, Oakengates Sep 98
Planey and Andy Morton at Ashford BF July 96 Planey at Milton Keynes BF with a rancid beer June 98
Planey at St Albans BF Oct 97 Planey at Newton Abbot BF Oct 97
Planey, Alan, and Little Chris at St Albans BF Oct 97 Planey at Sheffield BF with a sad shirt, Sept 98
Planey & Simon Fyffe White Horse, Parson's Green March 99 Planey at Wakefield BF Oct 98
Planey at the Crown, Oakengates Sep 97 Planey with sad book Fat Cat Sheffield Mar 98

Planey, Cask and Cutler Nov 98

Planey and Slobby Ray at Liverpool BF Feb 98

Planey, St Albans BF Oct 97

Sue, Mary, Planey, Alan, St Albans BF Oct 97

Planey at Nottingham BF 18/10/02

Greek Aircraft Spotting Poster

Planey dossed on train after Melton M 200903

Gazza Sue Fudge and Planey Melton 200903

Phot: Andy Buchan

Planey Brian Moore his trolley and Sue Notts BF 161003

Planey Tamworth BF 080905

Cask Sheffield Planey and trolleys 130399

Planey at Tamworth BF

Planey and Fudge New Oxford Salford 240109









Name(s) Planey Wayney
Real Name Wayne Groves
From Tamworth
Scoops total 10,000+ Current Status Semi-desperate
Started 1980's Gave up because No chance
Quotes "I've got to get up early to do the Planey mag"
Likes Getting to bed early, Logs, Sheffield, "Chicken Dupiaza Aloo"
Dislikes Greek jails
Other Gen Sad plane spotter with no mates