Reg Sidcup Reading 020503 Reg at Worcester BF 160803
Reg Cask 2211030 Reg at GBBF 03

Phot: Saxon Scooper

Simon F+Reg LRL May 03 John the Jag, Reg, George, Goff and Jugboy at Glastonwake 0503

Phot : Saxon Scooper

Ealing Reg

Phot : Jim Brittin

Reg and Les LRL

Phot : John Law

SE Dennis and Reg

Phot : Jim Brittin

Dennis and Reg Wenlock 2006

Phot : Martin Stamp


Name(s) Reg, Senior Scooper
Real Name Reg
From Sidcup. Kent
Scoops total 8000? Current Status Scooping
Started ? Gave up because Hasn't
Other Gen Reg is 78!  Apparently, he recently had a heart operation and was back out ticking immediately!  Top man!