Rick P 2 Hillsborough 260403. Rick Pickup Bhurtpore BF 120703
Brian Moore & Rick Pickup Tamworth 050903 Rick Pickup Billy Whizz and Dave Brown Nottingham 171003
Rick P and Lostock Pete Hillsboro 201203 Rick Pickup Notts 05

Phot : Craig & Louise Whitwell

Mark Laurie and Rick Pickup in a field at Wrenbury 06

Phot : Nicky Wightman

Rick Pickup Notts BF 211006
Suited and Rick P at Ulverston BF 07 Rick P Fleetwood Beer Fest 08

Phot : Otto

seminar Rick pickup Gary one eyebrow Paul McNeil Beryl craig Whitwell at bitter suite Rick and Browny New Oxford 08

Phot : Otto


Name(s) Rick, Saddam, Blackpool South, "Phil"
Real Name Rick Pickup
From Blackpool
Scoops total 23,000 or so @ 03/08 Current Status Social Drinking
Started 1988 Gave up because Not yet
Likes Spoons ! (well, he used to), Pictish
Other Gen Runs www.quaffale.org.uk, the ultimate brewery website in the UK.  His 10,000th was Cropton Fennel at the New Brit, Preston October 2001.