Arthur, Rob Bolt & Jimmy Hill at the Boat, Sittingbourne Dec 96.

A "Robbit" from Middle Earth...

Rockin' Robin Bolt at St Albans BF Sep 96
Steve Fulcher, Ding Ding, Gazza, Rob Bolt and Skeletor present Slobby Ray dossed out at Cardiff BF oct 96 Veg & Rob Bolt Sept 2001
Rob & Andy Morton at the Fat Cat Dec 97 Rob, Some Bert and Brian at White Horse, Parson's Green hopfest March 99
Simon Fyffe and Rob Bolt at Wakefield BF Oct 96 Brian, Rob and Sue at Wakefield Oct 96
Rob at the Fat Cat Dec 97 Gazza and Rob at Wakefield with the same Blyth shirts again! October 98.
Rob Bolt March 96 Rob at Wakefield BF Oct 96
Rob and Gazza June 98 Rob and Simon Fyffe, Newton Abbot BF Oct 98 Rob Bolt and Brian in the Hillsborough 21/12/02 Me and Rob Nottingham 171003
The Robbit Hillsborough 201203 Rob Bolt with flashing hat Cask 201203 Rob Bolt
Rob Bolt at Fat Cat Sheffield 171205 Rob Bolt Cask Sheffield 161206
Beige Phil and Beige Rob Reading BF 020508      


Name(s) Rockin' Robin
Real Name Rob Bolt
From Croydon
Scoops total 12,400 @ 03/08 Current Status Scooping
Started 1993 Gave up because Hasn't
Other Gen Shaved for the first time in 20 years in 2003!