Tony Sawford, Steve Fulcher, Roly, Dicko and Jonesey outside the Crystal Palace Tavern, New Cross March 97.

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Steve , Bratley & Roly in the Cask & Cutler, Sheffield Sep 95
Roly Crescent 240703 Roly 2 Crescent 240703
Roly in Crescent 301003 Roly Wigan 040304
Roly Smithfield Manchester 190107


Name(s) Roly
Real Name  
From Glossop
Scoops total 10,000+ Current Status Desperate
Started 1993 Gave up because Not yet
Quotes "Bokkles"
Other Gen Brewed 10,000th at Boat.  Has 3 cats - tipsy, topsy & turvy.