Russ, Nice Hair, Aston, Liam Lomax. Skeletor, Sue, Gazza, Ding Ding, Big Feller, Brian Moore at Hebble Brook June 96

Ranting as usual .....

Russ at Hebble Brook June 96
Top seminar at the LS&B Party Dec 95, featuring (L-R) - Sue, Jason, Para, Nigel, Nice Hair, unknown, Aston, Dai, Gazza, Loaf, Bratley. Russ being sprayed with water at Ashford BF July 96
Para & Nige at Tucker's maltings BF Mar 95 Russ, Bob, Nige and Dai at LS&B xmas party Dec 95
Para dossed in the Dartmouth, Newton Abbot being bellowed by Steve Fulcher, Nige, Nice Hair and Aston in March 95 Steve, Russ, & Gazza at Hebble Brook June 96 - Para dossed out as usual!
Nice Hair, Steve, Dave, Russ and Gazza.  Rare Breeds Seminar - Russ drinks some sludge! June 96 Beer Spotting! Retford Dave, Nice Hair and Para at Rare Breeds BF June 96
Retford Dave, Gazza, Para, Nice Hair, Steve and Ding Ding at Rare Breeds BF June 96 Massive Tuckers Seminar, with Fletch, Bratley, Gazza, Alex, Sue, Jason, Aston, Russ, Phil rennison, ?, Nige, Tim from Telford, Nice Hair, ? April 95
Para bellowing at Wombwell BF, Oct 96 Steve, Para, Gazza, at Oakwood Feb 97 Dave and Russ in the Cask 260403. Vital spark Wombwell
Para Cask 221103 Para Valentino Para in Marble Arch 290105 Russ Nottingham BF 221005
Para Fat Cat Gazza and Para Fat Cat Para with funnel Smithfield Manchester 190107 Gazza and Para Smithfield Manchester 190107
Para Smithfield Manchester with Cowdenbeath hat 190107 Kelham Island brewery tour Sheffield 110807 Para and Nice hair Fat Cat Sheffield 110807  


Name(s) Para Handy, Russ
Real Name Russ
From Retford
Scoops total ? Current Status Given up
Started ? Gave up because "I just did!"
Likes Pissing on computers, Cowdenbeath.
Other Gen Drove a Fiesta called the Vital Spark.  Resembled the captain of the steam ship on some surreal TV programme.  Allegedly.