Country Bob

Phot: Headmixer

Phot: Headmixer

Dorset Boys - Einstein and Country Bob

Phot: Headmixer

Country Bob Worcester BF 160803 Dorset seminar - Saxon Scooper, Headmixer and Einstein at Worcester BF 160803
Mark, Warren, Islay Brewer, Saxon Scooper and Einstein in Sun Inn Charminster.JPG (25587 bytes)

Phot: Saxon Scooper

Einstein, Mark, Islay Brewer, Saxon Scooper and Mark in the Red Lion Cerne Abbas.JPG (26982 bytes)

Phot: Saxon Scooper

Bare Brewer+Saxon Scooper Oxford 03

Phot: Einstein

Saxon Derby sign Sep 01
St Albans 0903 Bob+Steve+Albie Worcester with Headmixer, Gazza, Saxon and Herbal Aug 03

Phot: Einstein

Saxon, Headmixer and Einstein at Worcester Aug 03

Phot: Einstein

Saxon at Staly Buffet Jun 01

Phot: Islay Brewer

Saxon at ORourkes, Tipton

Bob Einstein and HM

Bob and Leader in Waggon & Horses

Glastonwake big seminar Nick Little, George, ?, Einstein, Saxon, Headmixer, Jugboy, John the Jag, Goff, ? and ? 05-03

Phot: Saxon Scooper

?, Headmixer, Einstein and Saxon at Glastonwake 0503

Simon Fyffe, Einstein, Headmixer, Saxon and ? Glastonwake 0503

Fat Cat 1201 Bob+Mick

Wareham BX03 Bare Brewer, Saxon, Mike Scriven, and Einstein

Bare Brewer, Headmixer, Einstein and Saxon Scooper at Woking 1103

Saxon, Mike Scriven, Bare Brewer, Headmixer and Leedsboy at Reading 0503

Einstein, Bare Brewer, Headmixer and Saxon at Woking 2 1102

Squeeler, Saxon, Einstein, Suited Scooper, Jugboy and Ian Gosden at Eastleigh 1103

Country Bob Einstein and Jugboy Reading 010504









Name(s) Saxon Scooper / Country Bob
Real Name Bob Rosenthal
From Iewerne Courtney / Shrotton, Nr Blandford Forum
Scoops total 5000+ Current Status Scooping
Started ? Gave up because Still going
Likes Taking phots of Scampi Fries.
Other Gen Lives in a place with 2 names!