Simon Fyffe, Gazza, Beavis and Sean outside the Cask & Cutler Nov 96

It was Christmas eve babe, in the drunk tank ..

Steve Fulcher, Sean, Jason Garside and Aston in the Cask & Cutler, Dec 94
Loaf & Sean Sept 97 Santa Sean at the Flowerpot, Derby Dec 95
Hillsboro Seminar - Simon Fyffe, Sean mcGowan, Brian and Leader.  201203 Sean and Charlie Hillsboro 201203
Ieuan, Helen, Sean & Aston at Barnsley - not sure what year it was at the Town Hall Aston & Sean at Barnsley

Phot: Helen

Wavy, Nice Hair, Aston & Sean on a trip to York.

Phot: Helen

Herbal bellowing Sean in Hillsborough Sheffield 120706

Phot: Herbal

Oakwood seminar 160208



Name(s) Sean "McGowan"
Real Name Sean
From Sheffield
Scoops total ? Current Status Given up ?
Started ? Gave up because Not yet
Likes Planes
Dislikes Prostitutes outside the Fat Cat (allegedly)
Other Gen