Albie and Squealer

Phot : Albie

headmixer's 3000th at Woking 2002
Albie and Squeeler Worcester BF 160803 Albie+Squeeler White Horse May 03

Phot: Saxon Scooper

Squeeler, ?, Einstein, Albie, Steve Davis, Saxon and Headmixer at Woking 1102 - HM's 3000th Squeeler, Saxon, Einstein, Suited Scooper, Jugboy and Ian Gosden at Eastleigh 1103
Squeeler 4000 MP 050906

Phot : Albie

Albie and Squeeler Cat Sheffield 171205


Name(s) Squeeler, the Gruesome Twosome
Real Name Sheila
From North Badersley, Southampton
Scoops total 4000+ @ 09/06 Current Status Scooping
Started 2000 Gave up because Not yet
Other Gen Usually southern fests only