Alex drops a firkin into the Evening Star cellar, Brighton in July 1995, watched by Steve Fulcher.


Fletch, Butthead & Steve Wakefield Oct 95
Steve Fulcher, Ding Ding and Gazza at Cardiff BF Oct 96 Dai, Pinion, Steve Fulcher, Gazza and Simon Fyffe at Glastonwick May 97
Steve Fulcher, Ding Ding, Gazza, Rob Bolt and Skeletor present Slobby Ray dossed out at Cardiff BF oct 96 Steve Fulcher, Sue, Ding Ding, Teresa and Jason at a pub in Baldock Aug 95
Steve Fulcher, Sean, Jason Garside and Aston in the Cask & Cutler, Dec 94 Loaf, Steve Fulcher, Jason, a horse and Gazza outside the Prince Albert, Stow cum Quy Aug 95.  One of the regulars used to arrive by horse, so here it is for posterity!
Tony Sawford, Steve Fulcher, Roly, Dicko and Jonesey outside the Crystal Palace Tavern, New Cross March 97. Bridie, Steve Fulcher, Wavey Davey, Aston and Jason in the Evening Star Dec 94
Steve Fulcher, Dave, Gazza & Jules Traquair House BF May 97 Sue, Steve, Gazza, Beavis, Fletch at the Royal Oak, Ledbury Aug 96
Steve, Aston, Simon Fyffe, Ding Ding, Pogo, Skeletor, Teresa, Gazza after the Royal Oak, Ledbury BF at the shack.  Aug 96 Phil White, Steve Fulcher and Ding Ding present Loaf dossed out on the steps of the Old Court Brewhouse, Huddersfield! Oct 95 Steve Fulcher, Jason, Gazza and Skeletor after the L&SB Party  Dec 95 Newton Abbot seminar, with Bratley, Stevo Cassidy, Sea Wall, Gazza, Steve Fulcher and Pogo. Sept 95
Steve Fulcher and Ollie at the Maltings, York Nov 97 Para dossed in the Dartmouth, Newton Abbot being bellowed by Steve Fulcher, Nige, Nice Hair and Aston in March 95 Steve bellowing at PCW at Wakefield BF Oct 96 - not sure who's giving the finger, either! Nice Hair, Steve, Dave, Russ and Gazza.  Rare Breeds Seminar - Russ drinks some sludge! June 96
Retford Dave, Gazza, Para, Nice Hair, Steve and Ding Ding at Rare Breeds BF June 96 Gazza, Steve, Ding Ding, Aston and Merv at the Steam Packet BF Aug 95 Steve, Sea Wall and Gazza at Ding Ding's party Aug 95 Sexpest, Steve and Jonesey at Wakefield BF Oct 94
Jason, Steve, Bratley and Sexpest Sep 95 Steve, Jason and Jonesey with a Shed near the Cask and Cutlert.  Sep 94 Fletch, Gazza, Stevo Cassidy, Bratley and Steve bellowing at Leader in the Evening Star, Feb 95 Beige Phil (?), Gazza, Hutch, Jason, Steve Fulcher with the Steam Packet's station transport! Aug 94
Steve & Brownie in the Fat Cat Dec 97 Steve , Bratley & Roly in the Cask & Cutler, Sheffield Sep 95 Steve & Sue's 3000th at the Prince Albert, Stow cum Quy May 95 Steve Prince Albert final BF Feb 96
Steve Ding Ding's party June 96 Steve Ashford BF July 96 Steve Newton Abbot BF Sep 95 Steve, Russ, & Gazza at Hebble Brook June 96 - Para dossed out as usual!
Steve at Newton Abbott BF Sep 95 Gazza, Steve and Fletch with Wakefield Guts Oct 97 Gazza, Simon Fyffe and Steve at Wakefield BF Oct 96 Skeletor, Gazza, ?, Steve, Craig, Ding Ding and Aston at Wakefield BF Oct 96
A mass We're not worthy at the Stattion, Ashton in August 95.  With Steve, Aston, Gazza, ?, Nice Hair, Bratley, Leader, Nige, ?, Loaf, ? York Seminar Feb 95 with Gazza, Loaf, ?, ?, Drillbit, Pogo, Steve, ? and Aston. Steve, Gazza and Sue - the "Young Cartel" in the barrel seat in the Guildford Arms, Edinburgh in feb 97 Gazza, Steve and Sue at Rare Breeds BF June 96
(top row) Unknown, Skeletor, Dai, Sue, Badger, Brian Francis. (Middle row) Beavis, Fletch, Bratley, Steve, Simon Fyffe and ?  (Bottom row) Ding Ding and Jason. Sue, Steve, Jason and Gazza at the LS&B Xmas pissup Dec 96 Steve, Jason and Sue board the Steam Packet Dray Aug 94 Steve, Para, Gazza, at Oakwood Feb 97
Sue, Steve and Jonesey in the Cask Sep 96 Sue, Steve, Pogo and Loaf Sheffield BF Sep 96 Ship and Castle Aber seminar 2003 - Stevo, Stackhead, Steve Fulcher, ? and Herbal

Phot: Alex Hall

Steve, Chris and Beavis at Worcester BF 08/2003
Seminar Alexandra Derby Steve Fletch Jase Gazza Steve and Hare Worcester 120804 Steve Tamworth BF 090905
Steve and Belgian beers Reading 280406      


Name(s) Fulchy
Real Name Steve Fulcher
From Worcester
Scoops total 20,000 @ 03/08 Current Status Scooping
Started 1980's Gave up because Not yet
Other Gen