Stevo Cassidy Newton Abbot BF Sep 95


Cassidy and family

Phot: Alex

Newton Abbot seminar, with Bratley, Stevo Cassidy, Sea Wall, Gazza, Steve Fulcher and Pogo. Sept 95 Fletch, Gazza, Stevo Cassidy, Bratley and Steve bellowing at Leader in the Evening Star, Feb 95
Gazza, unknown, Jan, Sue, Wavey, Stevo, Alex and Bratley in the Evening Star Feb 95 Ship and Castle Aber seminar 2003 - Stevo, Stackhead, Steve Fulcher, Chris Brooks and Herbal

Phot: Alex Hall


Name(s) Stevo
Real Name Steve Cassidy
From Knebworth, Herts
Scoops total 3000 (10 yrs ago) Current Status Local only
Started 1989-ish Slowed down as Married with kids
Quotes "That'll be 50 please", "Anyone for raffle tickets", "My lords I've scored another 66" etc.
Likes Tractors, other EE, Grids, Hoppy beers
Dislikes Spoons, malty beers, Cottage beers
Other Gen Chingfinder steward.  Scoop 1 was Coach House Special Reserve in South Western Arms, St Denys.