In the Prince Albert beer garden, Stow cum Quy, August 1995.  Mrs Merv, Gazza, Jason, Merv, Loaf, Sue.


Sue, Gazza, Alex and Bratkey In the Star May 95
Gazza & Sue in Peaches nightclub, Stockport Feb 96.  When we arrived, there was noone there!  The beer was OK too.  My Lords ! Sue and Jonesey Newton Abbot BF Sep 94
Fletch and Sue with the hats at Royal Oak BF Ledbury Aug 96 Sue, Steve, Gazza, Beavis, Fletch at the Royal Oak, Ledbury Aug 96
Russ, Nice Hair, Aston, Liam Lomax. Skeletor, Sue, Gazza, Ding Ding, Big Feller, Brian Moore at Hebble Brook June 96 Top seminar at the LS&B Party Dec 95, featuring (L-R) - Sue, Jason, Para, Nigel, Nice Hair, unknown, Aston, Dai, Gazza, Loaf, Bratley.
Sue, Gazza, Ding Ding and Helen at Wakefield BF Oct 96 Gazza, unknown, Jan, Sue, Wavey, Stevo, Alex and Bratley in the Evening Star Feb 95
Steve Fulcher, Sue, Ding Ding, Teresa and Jason at a pub in Baldock Aug 95 Steve & Sue's 3000th at the Prince Albert, Stow cum Quy May 95
Sue & Andy Morton at Cardiff BF Oct 96 Sue at Wakefield BF Oct 94 Ding Ding, Leader, Teresa and Sue at Prince Albert last festival Feb 96 Sue after Parson's Green 1st Hop festival March 96
Massive Tuckers Seminar, with Fletch, Bratley, Gazza, Alex, Sue, Jason, Aston, Russ, Phil rennison, ?, Nige, Tim from Telford, Nice Hair, ? April 95 Steve, Gazza and Sue - the "Young Cartel" in the barrel seat in the Guildford Arms, Edinburgh in feb 97 Gazza, Steve and Sue at Rare Breeds BF June 96 (top row) Unknown, Skeletor, Dai, Sue, Badger, Brian Francis. (Middle row) Beavis, Fletch, Bratley, Steve, Simon Fyffe and ?  (Bottom row) Ding Ding and Jason.
Brian, Rob and Sue at Wakefield Oct 96 Sue, Steve, Jason and Gazza at the LS&B Xmas pissup Dec 96 Steve, Jason and Sue board the Steam Packet Dray Aug 94 Sue St Albans BF Oct 96
Sue's 3000th, Prince Albert, Quy. May 95 Sue Gone Aug 97 Sue and Magus Aug 98 Sue, Mary, Planey, Alan, St Albans BF Oct 97
Sue, Steve and Jonesey in the Cask Sep 96 Sue, Steve, Pogo and Loaf Sheffield BF Sep 96 Sue and Magus in the Cask 21/12/02 Essen winterfest, Belgium. Sue and Beige 14/12/02
Sue and Tigs in the Hillsborough 22/11/02 Amsterdam bockfest Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam Beige Phil and Sue 02/11/02 Jase Sue and Tony Sawford in the Brunswick 240503 Pitkin and Sue Lytton
Gazza Sue Fudge and Planey Melton 200903

Phot: Andy Buchan

Planey Brian Moore his trolley and Sue Notts BF 161003 Mat Wilson and Sue tArendsnest Amsterdam 251003 Worcester Gazza and Sue Aug 03

Phot: Saxon Scooper

Sue Leader Jonesey Sheffield 201203 Searching for ticks in Saddam's beard.... Browny and Sue Liverpool 210204 Sue and Emile Cantillon 190102 Nottingham Brian Sue & Gazza
  Sue and mini-aston Tamworth 080906      


Name(s) Sue
Real Name Sue Fulcher
From Worcester
Scoops total 15,000+ Current Status Given up
Started 1980's Given up as Lost interest
Likes Roosters (the beer), Port and cats
Dislikes Dogs - Pes, ne dobre!
Other Gen Has a cat called Min.  Also scoops Port, Belgian beer and Lindt&Sprungli chocolate (and the wrappers!)