Suited Sipper Tamworth 050903 The Suited Sipper Squeeler, Saxon, Einstein, Suited Scooper, Jugboy and Ian Gosden at Eastleigh 1103
Suited Scooper Bexley 0406

Phot : Jim Brittin

Bin Laden Reading 280406
Brothers Bin laden and Brian Delapre fest 0506 Bin laden Redditch Jan 06
Laden and Dave from Uttoxeter Redditch Jan06 Bin Laden, Campo and Brummie Dave St Ives June06
Brothers and Laden Hasselt 05 Canastajim Bin laden and Jugboy Brew Wharf London 05
Bin Laden at Putte Mechelen 06 Campo Dave Wild and Laden New Brittania 05
Bin Laden and Scotch Graeme Brussels Grand Place Sep05 UTT Bin Laden and Jugboy Lewes 06 "Does my bomb look big in this?" Bin Laden Jugboy and Croydon Brian Notts 2006

Phot : Martin Stamp

Bin Laden Griffin Carlisle 270707 Bin laden Cowshed 2007 Suited and Rick P at Ulverston BF 07 Suited Commie Phil and Woody Ulverston BF 0

Suited Commie Phil and Woodie at Lytham07

Suited at Leicester BF 140309












Name(s) Suited Scooper, Bin Laden
Real Name Alan Styles
From South London
Scoops total 7,500 @ 03/09 Current Status Scooping
Started July 2000 @ Canterbury BF Gave up because Hasn't
Quotes "I'll get there in the end!"
Other Gen Wants to visit every CAMRA sanctioned beer fest, currently up to 220.