Tony Sawford, Steve Fulcher, Roly, Dicko and Jonesey outside the Crystal Palace Tavern, New Cross March 97.

Trust me, I'm a teacher ...

Leader and Tony Sawford Sept 96
Tony Sawford Dec 96 Mr Sawford in the Evening Star Mar 95
Dave's Hat at the Fat Cat xmas pissup Dec 96 Tony Sawford at Nottingham BF 18/10/02
Jase Sue and Tony Sawford in the Brunswick 240503 Tony S bottling Notts 04

Phot : Phil Hodgson

Tony Sawford Leader and Jim Suter Notts 04.

Phot : Phil Hodgson


Name(s) Tony
Real Name Tony Sawford
From Derby
Scoops total 10,000+ Current Status Less desperate
Started ? Gave up because Other things to do
Other Gen Does Belgian beers