Veg Stout Sept 96

Veg Stout or Worzel Gummidge?

Veg's Gut, Brown Bear Biggleswade (for no apparent reason!), Nov 98
Veg & Rob Bolt Sept 2001 Veg at the Duchess in Leeds,  Sep 98
Surely the worst trousers in the world! Veg Stout's Trousers, St Albans BF Sep 97 Veg Golden Galleon, C Haven

Phot: Alex Hall

Leader and Veg Stout in the Hillsborough 21/12/02 Veg Stout on Bus

Phot: Alex Hall

Veg Tamworth 050903 Veg and Badger Wheatsheaf 051298
Veg and Rob Jones

Phot: Superscooper

Veg Stout grinning

Veg Stout Birmingham BF 150905

Veg Stout Reading 280406 - or is it Worzel Gummidge?

Veg in Market Porter

Phot : Bin Laden

Veg Stout Canterbury BF06

Phot : Bin Laden

















Name(s) Veg Stout                         
Real Name Paul Thomas        
From London
Scoops total 21,200 @ 07/08 Current Status Ticking
Started ? Gave up because Not yet
Quotes "Alright, xxx?"  (where xxx is you, unfortunately)
Likes Minging
Dislikes Washing - clothes and himself
Other Gen Supports Crystal Palace!