My Looords! 749121 at Sumperk...A trayload of winners, fresh from Sal's cellar!Scooping in progress.Gazza by the coppers at Klasterni, Praha.Aaaah, the smell of wild yeast...Keeping some bottles cold in a bag of snow on a train in Croatia!A scooping book.  Well thumbed too.What happens when you scoop too much... ;-)

 Non-Scoopers : 19 People

(But they know what it means!)

Last Updated : 13/12/08


Alan from Barnet Big Feller Blind Drunk Sheridan Bod Boy
Canasta Jim Dave from Borehamwood Del & Di Tilling Diane  
Jay Sandmann John Swale Liam Lomax Mike Scriven Neil Clarke
Paul Morris Peter Alexander Peter Mead Sideburns Dave Steve Westby

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