A scooping book.  Well thumbed too.A trayload of winners, fresh from Sal's cellar!The copper at Appollo, Kobenhavn.Magus from the Cask in Sheffield.A fine looking specimen."Foreign" beer counts too, you know....Cantillon bottles in One Pint Pub, Helsinki.What happens when you scoop too much... ;-)

  Washington DC 

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Beer in Washington DC - by John Adams.


Below are details of the bars and beers drunk whilst on a ringing weekend
to Washington DC at the end of May 2006. Beers outside of the British Isles
do not count towards my total, so I was not very meticulous in noting down
other beers available.

In general, beer came in US pints, i.e. 16 fluid ounces. There doesn't seem
to be much concern over getting a full pint, so some measures were to the
top of the glass and some were woefully short, especially the real ales
where I assume they think a good head is part of the image. Some of the
stronger beers were served in "half pint" glasses which usually turned out
to be 10oz glasses. In one pub, Old Speckled Hen was available on fizz in
an English 20oz pint glass.

Beers were on the whole fizzy or pasteurised. Like some of the UK boutique
breweries, they could have been real but served cold under pressure, but it
is difficult to tell, and I am sure the breweries could tell you if asked.

Strength of beer doesn't seem to be an issue. The micro breweries were good
at listing the ABVs of beer either on the chalk boards above the bar or
else in the menus, along with a full tasting notes for the beers. Bars
providing a significant number of beers either on draught or in bottle were
rather vague and the only guide to strength was the pricing. Some of the
ABVs below have come from websites and may refer to the bottled version
which is sometimes stronger.

It is difficult to compare pricing with the UK due to a number of factors.
There is a local tax to be added to the stated price and this varies from
state to state. Then there is a tip to be added once the bill is paid, and
although this seems to be about 15%, being a tip, it should vary according
to the service provided. It does mean that in general, bar staff are
attentive and helpful, hoping for a good tip. Finally, the changing dollar
exchange rate was in our favour, but with a rate of 1.90 dollars to the
pound, using the formula of a dollar being 50 pence gives a 5% error in

All bars are in Washington DC apart from the Brewers Alley which is in
Frederick, MD. We had a day trip to Frederick with lunch there.

Thursday 25th May 2006

WARDMAN PARK MARRIOTT HOTEL, 2660 Woodley Road, NW. Corner of Connecticut
and Garfield Avenues. HARRY'S BAR, ground floor bar off Lobby. Our
accommodation for the weekend.

1 16oz BASS (Burton UK) Bitter 4.4%? (fizz).
1 16oz SAMUEL ADAMS (Boston MA) Boston Lager 4.9% (fizz).

Friday 26th May 2006

CAPITOL CITY BREWERY, 2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE. Corner of 1st Street.
Part of the National Post Office Museum building and opposite Union
Station. Beers brewed on the premises in view of the bar.

1 16oz CAPITOL CITY (Washington DC) Prohibition Porter 5.3% (fizz).
1 16oz CAPITOL CITY (Washington DC) Amber Waves 5.1% (fizz).

HARRYS RESTAURANT & BAR, 436 11th Street, NW. Corner of F Street. Mainly a
restaurant, bar had a few beers on.

4 16oz YUENGLING (Pottsville PA) Traditional Lager 4.4% (fizz).

CAPITOL CITY BREWERY, 1100 New York Avenue, NW. Corner of 11th and H
streets. Branch of the Capitol City Brewery (others in Arlington VA and
Baltimore MD) with beers supplied from the Capitol Hill branch (see above),
I assume as there are no signs of a brewery here.

1 16oz CAPITOL CITY (Washington DC) Apricot Wheat 5.0% (fizz).
1 10oz CAPITOL CITY (Washington DC) Fuel 9.0% (fizz).

WARDMAN PARK HOTEL, Harry's Bar (see above).

2 16oz SAMUEL ADAMS (Boston MA) Boston Lager 4.9% (fizz).

Saturday 27th May 2006

BREWERS ALLEY RESTAURANT & BREWERY, 124 North Market Street, Frederick, MD.
Brew pub with on site brewery visible from bar. One handpump in use selling
one of their beers as cask conditioned.

1 16oz BREWERS ALLEY (Frederick MD) Oatmeal Stout 6.0% (fizz).
1 16oz BREWERS ALLEY (Frederick MD) Hefeweizen 5.0% (fizz).
1 10oz BREWERS ALLEY (Frederick MD) New Moon Beer 6.8% (real via handpump).

BRICKSKELLER, 1523 22nd Street, NW. On 22nd Street between P and Q Streets
(mind your Ps and Qs?). Bar selling the largest selection of beer in the
world. 13 beers on draught and about 700 in bottles. Three handpumps in
use, Oakham White Dwarf from England available on one, the Winter Bourbon
on another, and the third unlabelled.

1 16oz ANHEUSER BUSCH (St Louis, MO) Winter Bourbon 6.0% (real via handpump).

CLYDE'S RESTAURANT & BAR, Gallery Place, 707 7th Street, NW. On 7th Street
between G and H Streets. Very large restaurant with ground floor bar
serving a few draught beers.

1 16oz REDHOOK (Woodinville WA) India Pale Ale 6.0% (fizz).

REGIONAL FOOD AND DRINK, 810 7th Street, NW. On 7th Street between H and I
Streets. Sister pub to the Brickskeller, serving 30 draught beers
and about 250 bottles. One beer is served cask conditioned via handpump. On
my visit the cask was in the fridge and I couldn't see an obvious
connection to a handpump, but I didn't look too close. Also, they were
unable to tell me what the beer was, apart from it came from England!

1 16oz COORS (Golden CO) Blue Moon Belgian White 5.4% (fizz).

DISTRICT CHOPHOUSE AND BREWERY, 509 7th Street, NW. On 7th Street between E
and F Streets. Large restaurant with bar and on site brewery. About 8 beers
brewed, one of which is served cask conditioned by a handpump, located on
the bar back and not the counter side. The Bourbon Stout is the Oatmeal
Stout aged in bourbon barrels.

1 16oz DISTRICT CHOPHOUSE (Washington DC) Oatmeal Stout 5.9% (fizz).
1 160z DISTRICT CHOPHOUSE (Washington DC) Bourbon Stout 6.1% (real via handpump).

Sunday 28th May 2006

CAFE DELUXE, 3228 Wisconsin Avenue, Cleveland Park, NW. On Wisconsin Avenue
by the junction of Woodley Road, just to the north-west of the National
Cathedral. Had lunch in here after ringing at the National Cathedral. It is
a small chain and practically a replica of the English chain Cafe Rouge.

1 16oz SIERRA NEVADA (Chico CA) Pale Ale 5.6% (fizz).

BIRRERIA PARADISO, 3282 M Street, Georgetown, NW. On M Street between
Wisconsin Avenue and 33rd Street. M Street is the main shopping street
through the centre of Georgetown. The bar is in the basement of an Italtian
restaurant and is not signposted. Even going into the restaurant, you can't
see any signs to the bar! Have to ask the waitress, and no, it is not the
bar in the restaurant on the ground floor. 15 beers on draught and one
barrel in the fridge connected to a handpump on the bar, served cask

1 10oz BREWERS ART (Baltimore MD) Resurrection 7.0% (real via handpump).
1 10oz LAGUNITAS (Petaluma CA) Double Maximus IPA 7.5% (fizz).
1 10oz SOUTHAMPTON (Southampton NY) Imperial Porter 7.2% (fizz).

WARDMAN PARK HOTEL, Harrys Bar (see above). In bar before and after a

4 16oz SAMUEL ADAMS (Boston MA) Boston Lager 4.9% (fizz).

Monday 29th May 2006


Our flight home was at 8am, so we were checked in and airside well before
7am, a bit too early to start on the beer.

The Dulles information leaflet has a plan of the airside terminals and a
number of bars are noted. These are owned by Samuel Adams, Gordon Biersch
and Old Dominion.

Our flight was from terminal D. The Gordon Biersch bar in terminal D was
open and had four beers on. The Samuel Adams bar by the gate at the end was
closed but had three beers on.

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