Last Updated : 05/09/05


his page is for those wishing to read about arguably the most varied and interesting beer producing country in the world - Belgium.  Lots has been written about this fascinating country, and I won't attempt to compete with most of it.  You can do a lot worse than buy Tim Webb's superb guide to the Low Countries from CAMRA, in a lot of people's opinion the best guide they produce.   

My thoughts on the Trappist brewers are here.

Gazza's Belgian scooping Guide is online too!

See my piece on European scooping in the Scooping section here.

"Lambic Frenzy" is now online!

Here are Beige Phil's top 20 bars.

1. Kroegske (Izegem)
2. Heeren van Liedekerke (Denderleeuw)
3. Palace Hotel (Poperinge)
4. Erasmus Hotel (Brugge)
5. Torre (De Haan)
6. Kulminator (Antwerp)
7. Musee de les Bieres Belge (Lustin)
8. Bottelje / Hotel Marion (Ostend)
9. Waterhuis aan der Bierkant (Gent)
10. Spiteful Devil (Turnhout) 
11. Tropical (St Niklaas)
12. Muze (Zottegem)
13. Bier Circus (Brussels)
14. Brugse Beertje (Brugge)
15. Oud Arsenaal (Antwerp)
16. Stillen Genieter (Mechelen)
17. Hop Duvel (Gent)
18. Drie Fonteinen (Beersel)
19. Pikardijn (St Lievens Houtem)
20. Big Ben (Huy)

There are one or two top places I've not been to (eg Gans at Hulst) and of
course the Bierhuis in Beersel has gone. The Vaudrees miss out because of
the totally uninformative (and in some cases wrong) beerlists.