European beers in bottles - you know you want to!A brewery.  This one is Holba in Moravia, Czech republik.What a lovely pair.  oooh-er missus!Gazza by the coppers at Klasterni, Praha.A scooping book.  Well thumbed too.Seminars - even better at 09:00 in the morning!A load of casks outside the Evening Star in Brighton.Keeping some bottles cold in a bag of snow on a train in Croatia!What happens when you scoop too much... ;-)The view from behind the glass!

    Czech Republic   

Last Updated : 07/02/12

he Czech Republic, or Czechoslovakia as it's still known by those not up with world affairs (the 2 countries split in 1993 in the so-called "Velvet divorce") is seen as the cradle of Lager brewing.  Certainly there are some superb beers brewed there and not all of them are in the classic pale lager style - some of the dark lagers are personal favourites - but thanks to the free-market and globalisation most of the larger breweries in this great country are now owned by international conglomerates with predictably dire results on the beer.  Thankfully there are a growing number of micros and brewpubs which are making some decent beer, some of the regionals are still independent and, happily, general beer quality seems to be improving with a new emphasis on unpasteurised and unfiltered (kvasnicové or nefiltrované) beer in many bars, even those owned by larger brewers.

A good streetmap of Czech is available here; you don't need to use the accented characters, just stick in standard English ones and it'll find the address for you!  It can even switch to a photo-map and display tram stops...  To get up-to-the-minute gen about breweries, use this excellent one here or this one or the following blogs here and here.  A bit of gen from the English language Prague Post is here, and a great report featuring almost everywhere in the country is here!

See my occasionally updated page about the burgeoning Prague beer scene here.

The rest of my Czech gibberings is here...

A collection of Czech beermats from all around the country.

BM dum  BM flek  BM zlatopramen  BM holba  BM vysk  BM klaster  BM novopacko  BM pernstejn  BM platan  BM primator Pegas of Brno Cerna Hora, near Brno

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