My looooords!! Get into that seminar!My Looords! 749121 at Sumperk...The Beer House, Manchester circa 1991 - them were the days!Lambic maturing at Cantillon, Brussels.  I can smell it now!What to do with 'em when you've bought 'em!Pulling the scoops through a handpump.A cask of, hopefully, a huge winner.European beers in bottles - you know you want to!Molly - a legend.  RIP.Correct use of a funnel to bottle up.


Last Updated : 07/12/03


his page is a showcase for some pretty ugly talent.  Realistically, are these people normal?  YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT THEY'RE NOT!!!!  A "seminar" is, or should be, one of the biggest riots when out scooping.  It happens when something funny, shambolic, outrageous or just plain seminar-worthy happens.  The seminar is comprised of as many scoopers as can fit in the picture, bellowing and flailing profusely at the subject matter.  If you don't understand, take a look at the following, and you probably still won't.  Click on any of the pictures to get a bigger view of the seminar.  If you can't find yourself in any of these, where the hell were you???

Please choose the set of seminars you wish to see.

Newton Abbot - LS&B party, racecourse and ambulance hall.

Other festivals - Rare breeds, Wakefield, Ledbury, York

Pubs - Hebble brook, Cask & Cutler, Crystal Palace, Old Court,

Other stuff - Ledbury station, a shed and other bizarre stuff!

Saxon Scooper's Seminars 

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