Lambic maturing at Cantillon, Brussels.  I can smell it now!Seminars - even better at 09:00 in the morning!Gary Mess and his trolley!The ticking pen mustn't be forgotten!Dave Brown - Bacchus in person!What happens when you scoop too much... ;-)The scooper's trusty sidekick, the Head Bag.  Until they went crap in the 90's.My looooords!! Get into that seminar!This is the Steampacket "minibus" in case you were wondering.The view from behind the glass!


Last Updated : 04/10/05


Pub Seminars.

ome seminars did occur at pubs, usually either sociable ones where the landlord knew us and expected this sort of behaviour, or where we were too lashed up to care.  Here's a few prime examples including, hearteningly, some recent ones !!!


Location / Date The Black Horse in Darwen
Personnel Eight Daves and Brian....
Gen Cheers to Dave Wild for this one !


Location / Date Taken by Rick Pickup, Black Horse in Darwen 21/01/05
Personnel (clockwise) Dave Knighton, Desperate Dave, Dave Charlesworth, Dave Simister, Dave Bottomley, Dave Wild and Dave Brown.
Gen A full complement of Daves!!!


Location / Date Cask and Cutler, Sheffield.  November 1996
Personnel Simon Fyffe, Gazza, Beavis and Sean "McGowan"
Gen The superb Cask fest always draws the scoopers in!


Location / Date Crystal Palace Tavern, Dulwich March 1997
Personnel A big fluffy duck, Tony Sawford, Steve Fulcher, Roly, Dicko and Jonesey.
Gen This top pub has now fallen from the scooper's "must visit" list, but for a few years in the 90's it was essential visiting for new beers.


Location / Date Hebble Brook, Yorkshire, May 1996
Personnel Russ, Nice Hair, Aston, Liam Lomax, Skeletor, Sue, Gazza, Ding Ding, Big Feller and Brian Moore.
Gen Another pub to flourish and then fade. the Hebble Brook had connections with the lamented Wild's brewery.


Location / Date Steps of the Old Court Brewhouse, Huddersfield  October 1995
Personnel Phil White, Steve Fulcher and Ding Ding and Loaf.
Gen Everyone is bellowing at Loaf, who has inexplicably dossed out on the steps!


Location / Date Ship and Castle, Aberystwyth June 2003
Personnel Stevo, Stackhead, Steve Fulcher, Chris Brooks (Chingfinder) and Herbal
Gen During a tractor tour, this barrel was reckoned to be the hiding place of a certain photter from Dawlish .... Allegedly!


Location / Date Alexandra, Derby 1995-ish
Personnel Steve Fulcher, Fletch, Jason Chicken and Gazza
Gen Not the sorf of behaviour usually seen in the Alex......


Location / Date 20th May 2000, the Smithfield, Manchester
Personnel Gazza, ?, Charlie, Molly, Browny
Gen Molly declaring Gazza's 10,000th beer (Boat Rattler) to the pub!


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