My Looords! 749121 at Sumperk...Oak casks are the way forwards...A scooping book.  Well thumbed too.The Beer House, Manchester circa 1991 - them were the days!Brian Moore, the Sheffield Whippet.A cask on-stillage at a beer festival.A jug being used for what they're made for!A fine looking specimen.The view from behind the glass!Gary Mess and his trolley!

   NE England & Yorkshire : 51 Scoopers 

Last Updated : 05/05/08


Alefinder General Alan Stobbs Alastair Andrew Badges Andy Carey
Andrew " Cartel" Andy Morton Aston Bill Wilkinson Brian Moore
Chapman Charlie Chris Hodgson Chris Dutton Chuckle Brother Mickey
Damien Terry Darlington Pigeon Dennis Simpson "Deltic" Drillbit Graham Wright
Helen Herbal Jim from Bourne Jim Ryan Jingling Geordie
John Holland Ken Allinson Larry McLachlan Lee Barrass Meatloaf
Neil Dodd Neil Harvey Nice Hair Nigel Croft Palmer
Paul Gill PJ Phant Phil Hobbit Phil Hodgson
Pogo Richard Lewis Richard & Elizabeth Robin from Holmfirth Sean "McGowan"
Sexpest "Swaaan" Tara Mallinson The Vicar of Rotherham "Wavey" Davey


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