What happens when you scoop too much... ;-)European beers in bottles - you know you want to!Keeping some bottles cold in a bag of snow on a train in Croatia!Brian Moore, the Sheffield Whippet.Handpumps ready and waiting to dispense winners.Consulting the good book.This is the Steampacket "minibus" in case you were wondering.A jug waiting for a scoop.A fine looking specimen.The copper at Appollo, Kobenhavn.

  A - Z Scoopers (and adherents) 

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This page will list all scoopers alphabetically to save you time locating the person you are looking for in the regional lists.  Any errors / omissions let me know, please!

Scooper Region Also Known As
Alan Badger South East  
Alan Burnett Midlands  
Alan and Christine Cross North West  
Alan Douglas North East Jingling Geordie
Alan from Barnet South East  
Alan Gardner North West  
Alan from Huntingdon South East  
Alan Harmer South East  
Alan Stobbs North East  
Alastair North East  
Albie South West  
Alex Abroad Brighton Train Tramp
Alex Harkness South West Big Gay Al
Andrew Badges North East  
Andy Carey North West  
Andrew Cartel North West  
Andrew Sangster Scotland  
Andy Midlands Fingers, Andy2
Andy Buchan Midlands Little Andy
Andy Heyward South West  
Andy Lee Midlands Mr Panda Plop
Andy Morton North East  
Andy Powis South West  
Andy Smith South East  
Arfur Daley Wales Too rude to put here!
Arthur South East  
Artur the Kopke cat Portugal  
Aston North East  
Babe the Pig Midlands  
Badger South East  
Bare Brewer South West  
Barry from Wigan North West  
Barry Wallace North East  
Baz Midlands  
Dave from Basingstoke South East  
Beavis South West Dumbass, Stupid Monkey
Beige Phil North West  
Ben Nunn South East  
Big Feller Non-Scooper  
Big Jim South East  
Big John South East  
Big Pete Midlands  
Billy Whizz North West  
Bill Wilkinson North East  
Black Sheep Cat North East  
Blind Peter North West  
Blind Drunk Sheridan Non- Scooper Plays in leader's skiffle band.
Blobby Midlands  
Bob Harris South East  
Bobby Nattrass North West  
Bob Hannaford Abroad  
Bob's Mate North West  
Bob the Bus South East  
Bod Non-Scooper  
Booooooooooy Non-Scooper  
Bratley South East John Bratley, Sleeping Scooper
Bratley the Cat Midlands  
Brian from Congleton North West  
Brian Dickinson South East  
Brian Francis Wales Uncle Knobby, Leatherhead
Brian Moore North East Sheffield Whippet
Brian from down south South East  
Brian Waine North West  
Brian Wightman North West  
Goff Wiles South East one of the "Brothers"
George Wiles South East one of the "Brothers"
Browny North West Dave Brown, Saddam
"Brummie" Dave Midlands Dave
Campo Midlands  
Canasta Jim Non Tia Maria Jim
Carl from Nuneaton Midlands  
Carlisle Crew North West Nicky Wightman
Castle Cat North West  
Chapman North East  
Charlie North East  
Cheeko South East  
Chief North West  
Chino North West  
Chloe Midlands  
Chris Battye South East  
Chris Bealing North West  
Chris Bozier South East Curry Chris
Chris from Huddersfield North East  
Chris Owen South East ChrisO
Christine and Alan Cross North West  
Country Scooper South East  
Chris Chaplin North East Eddie
Chris Dutton North East  
Chris Gillette Wales  
Chris Hodgson North East  
Chris Walkden North West  
Clive from Market Drayton Midlands  
Clive Penning South East  
Colin Green South East  
Colin Greenway South East  
Colin from Nottingham Midlands  
Colin from Redhill South East  
"Commie" Phil North West Phil
Country Bob South West Saxon Scooper
CPT cat South East  
Craig and Louise White Scotland  
Crimewatch Midlands  
Daddy Nuneaton Midlands  
Dai Wales  
Damien Terry North East  
Danny Blackwell South East  
Darlington Pigeon North East  
Dave Bottomley North West  
Dave Brown North West Saddam, Browny
Dave Bumstead South East  
Dave Hughes Wales Hughsey
Dave Jolly North East  
Dave from Peterborough Midlands  
Dave from Retford Midlands  
Dave from Rubery Midlands  
Dave Simister North West Little Dave
Dave Wild North West  
Del Tilling North East  
Dennis South East  
Dennis Simpson North East  
Desperate Dave Midlands  
Dicko North West  
Ding Ding Roberts South West  
Drillbit North East  
Duff Abroad  
Duncan Jennings South West  
Einstein South West  
Emile Brussels  
Fang North West  
Fang the cat South West  
Fighting Cocks cat South East  
Fletch Midlands  
Floss South East  
Frostie South East  
Fudge Midlands  
Gary White South West  
Gary Hoyles Midlands Rutland Scooper
Gary Levin North West  
Gary Mess Midlands  
Gary from Notts Midlands  
Gazza Midlands  
Geoff Carnaby North West  
Geoff Fincher North West  
Geoff from Slough South East  
GK South West  
Graham Midlands  
Graham Baker South East  
Graham Wood North West Woody
Graham Wright North East  
Gren Wales  
Hadyn North East  
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare! Midlands  
Harry South East  
Headmixer South West  
Helen North East  
Mini Herbal South West Dave Unpronouncable
Steve from Hereford South West  
Holly North East  
Hospital Alan North West  
Hughie South East  
Hutch North West  
Ian Cook North West  
Ian Gosden South East  
Ian Harrison South East  
Ian Robinson North West  
Ian Wilde Midlands Wetherspoons Ticker
Ian Winfield South East  
Ieuan North East  
Islay Brewer Scotland  
Jason Garside North West  
Jason Hardy Midlands  
Jay Sandmann Non Scooper  
Jer South West  
Jim from Bourne Midlands  
Jim Suter Midlands  
Jimmy Hill South East  
Jim Ryan North East  
Joan South East  
John Adams South East  
John Clarke North West  
John Dawson North West  
John Holland North East  
John Law South East  
John Lomax South East  
Johnny Rednose Midlands  
John Davidson South East  
John the Jag South East  
Mad McJonesey North West Jonesey, Jonathan Jones, Mr Jones
Jugboy South West  
Jules South East  
Julian from Harlow South East  
Julie Lee Midlands  
Junior Scooper South East  
Keith Midlands  
Keith Elwes North West  
Ken Dickinson North West  
Keith Terry Abroad  
Keith from Sevenoaks South East  
Ken Allinson North East  
Kevin Howarth North West "Foul Winds"
Kipper the Cat Midlands  
Kulminator Kat Animals  
Lawrence from Stockport North West  
Leeeeeeeeeader!!! Midlands  
Lee Barrass North East  
Leedsboy South West  
Les South East  
Liam Lomax South West  
Little Andy from Eye Midlands  
Little Chris South East  
Little Linda Midlands  
Liverpool Steve North West  
Loz Aslett South East  
L McLachlan North East Larry
Magus North East  
Malcolm South East  
Malcolm Watts South West Ronnie Barker
Marcus Rees South East  
Mark Enderby North West  
Mark Laurie North West  
Mark Lawrence Midlands  
Mark Love North West  
Mark Rhoden North West Otto
Mark Smith North West Mossley Mike
Mark Trobisch Midlands  
Martin from Plumstead South East  
Martin the Mildman South East  
Mary Hamilton South East  
Mat Wilson South East  
Matt from Preston North West  
Max South West  
Meatloaf North East  
Merlin South East  
Merv Midlands  
Mickey Chucklebrother North East  
Mike Thomson North West  
Mike Cooper South East  
Mike Dunstan South East  
Mike Gatenby Midlands  
Mike Scriven South West  
Mike W North West Ormeston
Mike from Woking South East  
Min Midlands  
Molly North West  
National Bus Man South East  
Nicky Wightman North West Carlisle Crew
Neil Clarke North East  
Neil Dodd North East  
Neil Harvey North East  
Neil MacGowan North West  
the Nelson Cats South West  
Neville Price Midlands  
Nice Hair North East  
Nick Little South West  
Nick Pownall North West  
Nigel Croft North East  
Nigel from london South East  
Nigel Lythoe North West  
Nuneaton Midlands  
Olly North West  
Omhper Abroad (Sweden) Per Samuelsson
Otto North West  
Palmer North East  
Paul from Southampton South West  
Paul Brammer Midlands  
Paul Davies North West  
Paul Dixon    
Paul Gill North East  
Paul Harrop Midlands  
Paul and Jo McNeill North West  
Paul Richards Midlands  
Paul Rotherham North West  
Paul from Chester North West  
Paul from Rubery Midlands  
PCW North West  
Per Samuelsson Abroad (Sweden) Omhper
Pete 2 Sips South East  
Peter Alexander Non-scooper Tandleman
Peter Franklin South East  
Pete Johnson North East  
Pete from Lostock North West  
Peter from Staines South East  
Peter from Woking South East  
Peter Mead Non-Scooper  
Pete West South East  
Phant North East  
Phil Hobbit North East  
Phil Hodgson North East  
Phill the Pint South West  
Phil Passingham Midlands  
Phil Rennison Abroad  
Phil White South West  
Phil Wignall Midlands  
Pinion Midlands  
Pitkin South East  
Planey Wayney Midlands Wayne Groves
Pogo North East  
Rakker Abroad  
Rasputin Abroad  
Ray South East  
Ray and June North West  
Ray Jackson North West  
Reg the capybara ?  
Reg from Sidcup South East  
Richard and Elizabeth North East  
Richard Evans Midlands  
Richard Lewis North East  
Richard Morrison Scotland  
Richard Nash Midlands  
Richard Penton South West  
Richard R South East T.I.M
Richard Withey South East  
Rich Neale South West  
Rick from Norwich South East  
Rick Pickup North West  
Rick Zaple Wales  
RJC Webb South East Dicky
Rob Bolt South East  
Robert Aitchison North West  
Robert Simpkins South East  
Rob Gooding South East Palmview
Robin from Holmfirth North East  
Roland from Ruislip South East  
Roly North West  
Roy Bateman South East  
Roy Mucklestone Midlands  
Russ North East  
Saddam North West Browny, Dave Brown
Saxon Scooper South West Country Bob
Sean North East  
Seawall South West  
Sexpest ?  
Shadow North West  
Shalom South East  
Shaz Williamson Midlands  
Sideburns Dave Non-scoopers  
Sid Sales Midlands  
Sid the scoop South East  
Simon Fyffe South East  
Simon George North West  
Simon Hurst South East  
Simon Mawson North West  
Skeletor South West  
Snowy North East  
Spoon Midlands  
Spud Rustler South East  
Squeeler South East  
Stan North West  
Steffi North East  
Stephen Harris South East  
Steve South East Walter Mitty
Steve Davis South East  
Steve Fulcher Midlands  
Steve King South East  
Steve Lawrence South West  
Steve Pereira South East  
Steve Pollitt South West  
Steve Ratcliffe Midlands  
Steve Sanins South West  
Steve from Surbiton South East  
Steve Westby Midlands  
Steve Cassidy South West  
Stewy Kemp South West  
Strands South East  
Stuart Connolly North West  
Stuart Elwers North West  
Sue Midlands  
Suggy Midlands  
Suited Scooper South East  
Roy Garraway South East  
Swan North East  
Tara Mallinson North West Tara Johnston
Tazz South West  
Thorold arms cat South East  
Tia Maria Jim Non Canasta Jim
Tigs North East  
Tim Midlands  
Tim Proudman South West  
Tim Shore South East  
Toffee Fudge Midlands  
Tony 2 sips South East  
Tony Burke South East  
Tony Green South East  
Tony Martens South East  
Tony Messado North West  
Tony Sawford Midlands  
Tony Wardrobe Wales  
Tony Wilson North West  
Traquair cat Scotland  
Uncle Beavis South East  
Uttoxeter Travelling Tippler Midlands Dave
Valerie Hollows North West  
Veg Stout South East  
Vicar of Rotherham North East  
Vince Murray South West  
Wavey Davey North East  
Wavey Davey of Grantham Midlands  
Wayne Groves Midlands Planey Wayney
Wendy Scotland  
Wez Midlands  
Woody North West Graham Wood
Wurzel North East